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The Desperate Life-Saving Tactics of Israeli Tank Commander Facing Certain Death

In 1973, Israel fought with the Yom-Kippur war, the blood and the most shocking war that caused the state in its 70-year history. To date, 45 years later, we remember many of our brothers and sisters who have died and as a kingdom we still lick our wounds and never refuse how we were caught in preservation, on the verge of total destruction.

If you do not know what Yom-Kippur is, this is the day when the Jews fast and meditate on our sins and evil events in recent years and pray for forgiveness from God and our fellowman.

And that was precisely why our enemies chose these days to begin this war …

Imagine the horror is being attacked in the midst of such a day, physically and mentally weak and expecting

seeking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. With pure happiness, courage and solution (or the hand of God if you want), the land was saved from destruction.

One true act of courage and ingenuity captain, called Tzvika, goes like this:

The "Tzvika Team" was a tank of one – only one Israeli tank (that's all there was at the battlefield at the time), which in Night death occurred one whole Syrian tanks, which spoke about half a dozen tanks.

Only in the dark, without hope of any kind of backup, Tzvika's head came deep into his bag to find ways to avoid certain deaths.

Here's what happened – he created an illusion like there's a massive Israeli tank battalion there with him, causing the enemy to stop the dead in his songs, and even retreat.

Now how the hell did he do that?

Under the darkness of the darkness (remember it was back to 73 – there was no night vision since then), he used the technology taught at all military committees today –

He launched the main cannon and quickly moved his car in the dark to another position and drove his cannon back from the new position and so on and so forth.

What the enemy saw were kittens

They got the impression that they went into an Israeli backpack and fled and fled the scene.

Imagine what really is The author of Tzvika convinced the enemy to believe in the illusion, exacerbate the pure imagination and turn the whole story here – causing a strong enemy to feel sick, stopping, turning around

Now this is where everything Related to your business and how you can create such a great vision in your mind –

In the famous masterpiece "Breakthrough Advertising" Eugene Schwartz writes about the concept of Intensification –

the way to focus on and strengthen your customer's desire for your product or repetitive services – describe the product differently from different angles, ie Bring your product from different angles to create a bright image of

So, how can you use this term for your sales increase?

Instead of throwing away your potential concern about your product (which must be original or not selling it), try to think about all the different ways the product influences your life. Put them in the picture and describe how their lives will use your product.

With the sales show you want to extract bright pictures of these tents – you never know which of these possibilities will be most connected. [19659002] I urge you to go deep here and think about feelings that can be linked to the movie to maximize the emotional weight of the presentation.

As long as you can do this without the prospect, it's like reading the same thing again and again (because it was when you carried him and killed the sale), the more they read the more they will be deducted on your product, ie the more you have increased your desire and the more they & # 39;

The last tip for this article from the greatest live copywriter, Gary Bencivenga –

Many copywriters are afraid to write a long copy because they believe it reduces readability.

It only applies if you eat your prospect until he can not stand me and stops reading.

The truth is, when Gary's maid's sales slip anymore – the better he reduces sales.

Winning your rivals is sure to beat them.

Source by Shlomi Shraga